Friday, January 26, 2007

Instructions for Logging in/Posting!

Haha hey guys. I think some of you are a bit baffled on what to do here. (Actually only Mrs Goh :D). So this is the way iv set it up for now. If there are any changes you'd like me to make just feel free to tell me.

Step 1: Reach this website.
Step 2: There should be a bar right at the very top of the webpage that has 'Search blog' and stuff. Find it.
Step 3: At the right side of the bar there are 2 options, Create blog & Sign In. Click Sign In.
Step 4: On the right of the website, there should be a 'Sign in to use Blogger'. We are using the google account so click 'New Blogger'. With the username and password provided in the message, enter the 'Dashboard' webpage. Here you can do one of 2 things.
Step 5: Either you can immediately click 'New Post' and start typing away.
Step 6: Or you can click 'View Blog' to re-enter the website.
Step 7: Ok, if you proceeded with step 6, there should be new options available to you on the top bar. 'New Post' & 'Sign Out'. Mrs Goh, if you logged in with the admin email and password, you'll also find the option 'Customize' there.

Yep, thats it. Oh and the pink Tag-board is just an extra component i added so we dont have to post on the main page if we need to communicate through the blog. So! our posts would look like those on the left hand side, the Big Big Ones ya (the one that this is posted) and it'll automatically archive itself by months and it will display a maximum of 10 posts on the screen (can be changed).

This blog also has the comments section where you can comment on the posts. Below each post theres a comment button, so you can click that too. Alright thats it!

Oh and Mrs Goh if you still have trouble or want me to remove or edit anything please call me if you're not sure how. :D You can tag on the board too..

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